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Twin Control

Twin Control Spray Booth Equipment

At Ellert Equipment, we offer spray booth equipment that is designed to be user-friendly and reliable. That’s why we offer the TwinControl mixing system from WAGNER. This mixing system was created for use in 2k spray booth applications and can be used in open front, bench, enclosed, and large equipment spray booths.

A Variety of Applications

The TwinControl mixing system is great for a variety of applications. If your spray booth applications include woodworking, plastic, or metal, the TwinControl can mix paint ratios up to 20:1 and meet protective coating requirements for those industries. Unlike other spray booth equipment, you can also use this mixing system to apply high viscosity materials (including water-based, solvent-based, lacquer and primer materials) with excellent precision. Best of all, the TwinControl features an automatic flushing process to easily clean the hose, mixer, and gun.

Practical Features

At Ellert, our spray booth equipment is convenient and easy to use for all types of projects. With the TwinControl mixing system, you’ll be able to see exactly what you’re mixing using the mixing accuracy display. You’ll also be able to see how much material you’ve used as you coat your parts. The TwinControl is also equipped with an alarm that triggers if the spray pump malfunctions and is designed for easy use during Airless, AirCoat, and AirSpray applications.

The patented Magnetic Stroke Meter from WAGNER makes this spray booth equipment highly reliable and its anti-abrasion materials ensure a long fluid section life. It also automatically calculates the flow rate value so you can have precisely-metered fluid every time.

At Ellert Equipment, we’re happy to help you find the right spray booth equipment for your operations. If you’re interested in the TwinControl mixing system by WAGNER or simply want more information about our equipment, contact us today