Spray Equipment

High Efficiency

Electrostatic Guns for Manual and Automatic Application

Whether you're looking for manual or automatic high efficiency spray booth equipment, Ellert can help you find the right tool for any spray booth application. With WAGNER's electrostatic spray guns, you can easily complete a variety of electrostatic processes that give you wrap-around, high quality finishes.

Air Atomization and AirCoat Atomization

Electrostatic guns from WAGNER can help you complete the classic painting method that uses air atomization. With this method, you'll get an excellent surface finish and quality for virtually any type of common or special application and because of the spray gun fan control that WAGNER offers, you can adjust the airflow to a flat jet or round jet to complement what you're coating.

For a lower paint pressure and less environmental pollution, WAGNER's electrostatic guns can also help you complete AirCoat atomization processes. Because of the spray booth equipment's central air feed, you'll experience a soft spray jet that reduces your paint overspray. This method also provides an excellent surface finish and can also be used with high viscosity materials.

Electrostatic Applications

Because electrostatic applications use negatively charged paint particles to adhere to your spray booth parts, you'll be able to achieve an even coating on both the front and back of your parts. We can help you find the perfect manual or automatic spray gun for solvent-based paints, including metallics, or water-based paints including primers, metallics, top coats, and lacquers.

For an even more efficient way to work with water-based paints, we offer the WAGNER AquaCoat system. This system is easy to use, helps protect the user, and requires little maintenance. When it comes to paint material quality, the AquaCoat system offers a quality finish for metal, wood, glass, aluminum, and plastic spray booth applications.

If you're interested in any of the WAGNER spray booth equipment that Ellert offers, contact us today.