Spray Equipment

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1, 2, to 3k Component Application Equipment

Ellert can help you with your application whether this is the first time considering 1, 2, to 3 k materials or whether you are an experienced user wishing to upgrade your equipment.


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The new CATalyser pump is an all stainless steel 10:1 mix ratio pump for finishing applications. The MIX GUARD is a unique feature which senses an "off ratio" condition in the mix chamber and shuts off the unit preventing under or over material from being sprayed.

Twin Control

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This is a unique solution for 2K air turbine powered applications. TwinControl is an economical, compact and easy-to-use system that will meter-mix and spray ratios from 1 to 1 to 20 to 1. The unit offers fluid pressures from 200-7200 PSI with flow rates up to 5 gallons per minute.

Flex Control

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Looking for a solution that offers a wide range of applications? The flex control solution is an electronic proportioner that can meter-mix and spray your coating. With 4 models starting capabilities from 1-5 base materials and 1-2 catalysts, to 100 base materials and 100 different catalysts.


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This solution is designed for automatic applications with air atomizing guns or high-speed rotary atomizers for customized and complex system solutions utilizing central control. This unit is designed for use with up to 100 colors/base and up to 100 catalysts capabilities.

Feed Pumps & Pressure Tanks

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Ellert carries air operated pumps with output pressures from 2 to 7500 psi and delivery from ½ gallon to 300 gpm. Tanks range in size from 2qt to 60 gallons.

High Efficiency Spray Equipment (Manual & Automatic)

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This product line includes HVLP, air-assisted airless, electrostatics for solvent and waterborne coatings, and high speed rotary atomizers (bells) as well.