Spray Booths

Truck Trailer Spray Booth Applications

Truck Trailer Spray Booth Applications

When it comes to painting a truck trailer, you need a spray booth that is not only big enough to house the trailer, but has the right features to paint such a unique piece of equipment. At Ellert Equipment, that's exactly what you'll get. Our large Col-Met spray booths are built to last, customizable, and come in a variety of sizes and styles, all perfect for painting truck trailers and other large vehicles.

Built to Last

When you receive a truck trailer spray booth from Ellert Equipment, you'll receive a work area that's build to last. The spray booth's steel vertical members are W6x9, arranged every 10 feet, and allow a standard manlift without the need for an upgrade. In between the members are 14-guage horizontal stiffening panels to reinforce the booth's support. The steel that Col-Met uses is structurally sound to eliminate any possibility of the booth flexing in or out, and the company has incorporated larger-than-industry-standard bolts for a tighter and sturdier build.


We offer truck trailer spray booths that let you place your personnel doors and lighting fixtures wherever you want to. This lets you customize your spray booth to cater to the equipment that you're painting. Our Col-Met spray booths also feature adjustable slotted door hinges so you can modify your spray booth door.

Booth Styles

Col-Met spray booths from Ellert Equipment come in a variety of sizes and styles so you can choose the right spray booth for your truck trailer applications. Our cross-draft style booth takes fresh air in through door filters, circulates the air through the booth, then filters it out through a rear exhaust system.

We also offer modified downdraft, full downdraft, and side downdraft booths, which take air in from the shop and draw it down through the booth before it exists through filters in corresponding locations.