Spray Booths

Metal Finishing Spray Booth Applications

Metal Finishing Spray Booth ApplicationsAt Ellert Equipment, you can find the perfect spray booth for all of your metal finishing applications. Whether you're finishing furniture, motorcycles, boats, or other metal items, we carry a complete line of spray booths in a wide range of designs so you can complete any project in a high-quality work area.

We offer a variety of spray booth styles and equipment to choose from:

Open-Front Booth

Our open-front spray booth draws in air through the open front, circulates it throughout the work area, then exhausts it through a filter in the back of the booth. It's designed for both conveyorized production and batch type systems and comes in a variety of sizes.

Enclosed Booth

With an enclosed spray booth, air filters in through doors in the front of the booth, circulates throughout the work area, then exhausts through a chamber in the back. This booth also comes in a variety of sizes.

Large Equipment Booth

If you have a metal project that is larger than normal, we have a large equipment spray booth available for you. This booth is made with structurally-sound steel and sizes start at a length of 30 feet.

Bench Booth

Our bench spray booth's air flow is the same as our open-front spray booth and it is also designed for batch type and conveyorized production systems, however, it's designed a little smaller than the open-front booths.

Spray Booth Equipment

At Ellert Equipment, we also carry a wide variety of spray equipment perfect for metal finishing projects like motorcycles, furniture, boats, signs, trucks, and more. Our CAT and Wagner spray equipment boast the latest technology and gives you a fast, even, and efficient application coating. Plus, if you want to powder coat your metal finishing projects, our Wagner powder coating equipment is backwards-compatible, so you can upgrade your old guns with new technology.