Spray Booths

Large Equipment Spray Booth Applications

Large Equipment Spray Booth Applications

If you're looking for a spray booth that can handle large equipment paint jobs, look no further than Ellert Equipment. With our Col-Met spray booths, you can paint large equipment like airplanes, train cars, cranes, earth moving machinery, and any other piece of equipment that's too big for a standard-sized spray booth.

A Quality Look, a Quality Build

Ellert Equipment's spray booth customers have grown to expect our booths to be efficient, yet stylish. That's why we carry large equipment spray booths from Col-Met that feature powder-coated structural steel. It's coated in a polyester white color to give off a fresh, clean look that our customers love.

Col-Met spray booths are also built with efficient, long-lasting materials. At every 10th foot, W6x9 steel vertical members are installed and 14-guage horizontal stiffening panels are placed in between each member. This makes the booth sturdy and eliminates any chance of "oil-canning." The spray booth is also fastened with bolts that are larger than normal to ensure a more secure structure.

Doors and Lighting

At Ellert Equipment, we know how important lighting is when working on a spray booth project. That's why our large equipment spray booths are fully illuminated by four-tube, 32-watt fluorescent lighting fixtures. This will give you enough light to feel comfortable performing your large equipment applications. We also let you customize your spray booth by allowing you to choose where you want to place your lighting fixtures and personnel doors.

Regulation Compliable

Col-Met understands the importance of safety when it comes to large equipment spray booth applications. That's why every spray booth by Col-Met complies with regulations from both the Occupational Health and Safety Administration and the National Fire Protection Association. Each spray booth is constructed of a non-combustible material, has an interior that can be easily cleaned, features fixed lighting, has significant airflow, and features exhaust systems that don't recirculate used/filtered air.