Spray Booths

Laboratory Spray Booth Applications

Laboratory Spray Booth

Laboratory spray booth applications are often performed as tests, sample coatings, or small series productions. They are usually performed in lab spray booths that are easy to use, very quiet, and function at a low operating cost.

The laboratory spray booths offered by Ellert are much smaller than standard-sized spray booths and are made from high-quality stainless steel. They feature a rollaway assembly cabinet at the bottom of the booth and plenty of fluorescent lighting fixtures that are secured behind safety glass. These booths also feature a purge control that maintains the airflow and two exhaust filters to reduce dust particles, dirt particles, and overspray.


When it comes to laboratory spray booth applications, a powder cup gun is ideal to use. It is perfect for applying small quantities of powder and requires no additional powers supply unit. The cup gun’s nozzles are interchangeable and its powder container is available in a variety of sizes, so no matter what laboratory spray booth project you’re working on, a powder cup gun can help you get it done.

The system is extremely lightweight and comes with a hinged housing cover and a carrying handle on the case to make the gun portable. Because it travels easily, it is perfect for powder coating demonstrations and laboratory tests.