Spray Booths

Industrial Spray Booth Applications

When you order an industrial spray booth from Ellert Equipment, you'll receive a facility that is perfect for all of your industrial work, no matter how large or small. With our popular booth designs and the option to add accessories, you'll have everything you need to keep your spray booth in prime condition.

Open Front Booths

Each open front spray booth is designed for both batch type and conveyorized production systems. We know how important lighting can be, so each of our spray booths includes four 48-inch-long tube fluorescent lights so you'll have a bright and fully-illuminated work area.

Our open front spray booth draws air in from the opening and exhausts it out the back using a tubeaxial exhaust fan. As you work, airborne paint particles will be trapped by the booth's dry arrestor filters so they don't escape into the atmosphere.

Our open front spray booth comes in a range of sizes, from as small as 7 ft. x 7 ft. to as large as 12 ft. x nearly 8 ft. so you can complete any industrial project.

Enclosed Booths

Our easy-to-install enclosed spray booth can give you more control over your airflow, if needed, than our open front spray booth. The booth's two doors are equipped with several intake filters that trap any unwanted particles before they enter the work area. After the filtered air enters the booth, it travels through the area, then up and out into the atmosphere through the exhaust stack. Each enclosed spray booth also comes with a personal access door so you don't have to enter through the main doors and you can keep your projects sealed.


After you purchase your spray booth, you can add or replace parts with our list of spray booth accessories. We offer custom-sized polyester pads and rolls, pocketed bag filters, booth coatings, safety interlocks, and more so you can have everything you need for any industrial task.