Spray Booths

Furniture Spray Booth Applications

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At Ellert Equipment, we offer a wide variety of furniture spray booth shapes and sizes to accommodate any furniture project you’d like to complete. Furniture can be made of anything from wood to metal to plastic and can be painted, stained, glazed, and more, so in order to get an even coating on your furniture parts, it’s important to have a quality spray booth and proper lighting.

Open Front Spray Booths

Our open front spray booths from Col-Met give you a ventilated work area that can help you reduce your intake of toxins given off by your paints or stains. Plus, with its tubial exhaust fan, any harmful fumes and overspray will be removed from the work area. These booths are also well lit, with 48”-long 32-watt fluorescent bulbs, so you can see every angle of your project and the color paint or stain you’re using.

Bench Spray Booths

For smaller projects, our bench furniture spray booths are the perfect option. If you’re running a conveyorized production system, these booths can help you quickly move your projects from one station to the next. Their small size also makes them perfect for crowded work areas and because the open end can be up to 25% of the furniture spray booth’s area, you’ll enjoy natural ventilation.

Enclosed Spray Booths

If you’re looking for a filtered area to work on your projects, an enclosed furniture spray booth is your best option. These Col-Met booths feature double entry doors that are filtered and an exhaust system at the back of the booth, so you won’t have to worry about debris getting trapped in your paint. Our enclosed furniture spray booths also come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any project, whether you’re painting an entertainment system or an end table.

Some furniture paint mediums require mixing. If you’re planning on using a mixable medium, also check out our paint mixing spray booths.

The experts at Ellert Equipment are always here to help, so if you're not sure which furniture spray booth is right for you, contact us. We'd be happy to offer our advice.