Spray Booths

Electrostatic Spray Booth Applications

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Many believe that electrostatic spray booth applications are the same as powder coating applications. This is not the case. Both applications use electrically charged paint particles to create a magnetic bond between the paint and the metal surface, however, powder coated parts need to be baked in order to cure. Electrostatically painted parts do not need to be baked and instead, just need time to fully dry.

Since a magnetic bond is needed to create a finish, electrostatic paint can only be applied to metal surfaces such as aluminum, copper, steel, or other conductive material. Some common materials that receive electrostatic paint include:

Industrial Equipment

Large industrial equipment like construction vehicles are often painted in large electrostatic spray booths. These include backhoes, forklifts, dump trucks, tractors, and more, and are often painted bright colors, such as green or yellow, to make them easy to see.


Metal railings can be found almost anywhere and are commonly seen running along staircases in buildings, at parks, in homes, on balconies, or in front of windows for decorative purposes. They are usually painted a neutral color, such as grey, black, brown, or white.

Gym/Playground Equipment

Both gym equipment and playground equipment are often painted in an electrostatic spray booth. Manufacturers usually use large spray booths for big equipment, but for smaller pieces of equipment, a bench spray booth can be used to paint each part before the equipment is assembled.


Metal pipes are often used for heating, air conditioning, and ventilation throughout buildings and homes. They are also used for plumbing fixtures like sinks and toilets and for transporting liquids or gases over long distances. Many times, pipes are painted silver or grey, but they can also be colorful.


Any furniture made of metal is usually painted in an electrostatic spray booth. This could include tables, chairs, desks, dressers, entertainment centers, benches, bedframes, and virtually any other common piece of furniture.