Spray Booths

Bench Spray Booth Applications

Bench Spray Booth

At Ellert Equipment, our bench spray booths are a great solution for individuals or businesses that use conveyorized and batch-type production systems. Because they have an open front and are relatively small in size, multiple booths can be used as workstations to complete various stages of paint coatings. A bench spray booth is designed like an open front spray booth, with a tubeaxial fan installed either in the back or top of the booth to exhaust fumes and overspray.


Companies that are in the woodworking industry, such as furniture companies, often use bench spray booths to paint or stain their smaller wooden parts like table legs, drawers, knobs, doors, and others before assembling them. Other woodworking companies include those who make jewelry boxes and holders, custom frames, molding and railings, and lighting fixtures, and can easily benefit from bench spray booths.


Having more than one bench spray booth at a ceramics company can make production flow more smoothly. Ceramic objects are often created out of clay, porcelain, stone, glass, and other materials, and are then painted in a spray booth. After that, some receive a glaze coating, which is where a second spray booth can be beneficial and decrease production time.

Automotive Parts

In the automotive industry, many companies use bench spray booths to paint small automotive parts or accessories, such as quarter panels, brake calipers, stereo parts, grills, interior accent parts, and more. Multiple bench spray booths can help an automotive company complete more projects in a minimum amount of time and the right paint spray equipment from Ellert can help achieve the right colors.