Spray Booths

Batch Powder Spray Booth Applications

Batch Powder Spray Booth

Powder coating is one of the most popular applications that our spray booths are used for. Because powder coating involves electrostatic charges in order to adhere the coating to the project material, it's important to have a quality batch powder spray booth and quality spray booth equipment.

Enclosed Booths

A common batch powder spray booth choice among our customers is our enclosed spray booths from Col-Met. These booths feature a high-quality filter system (including filtered double-entry doors) and an exhaust system that helps eliminate fumes and powder coating overspray. These spray booths can range in size from 12' x 8' x 12' to 12' x 12' x 12', so no matter what size project you're trying to complete, we can help you choose the right size batch powder spray booth. They are also well lit, with long-lasting, 32-watt fluorescent lights that are housed behind safety glass for protection.

Powder Coating Equipment

Whether you're looking for manual or automatic powder coating equipment, Ellert Equipment offers the best models in the industry. Our manual powder system by Wagner lets you choose from 50 individually set recipes and allows you to switch between pre-selected programs. You’ll also enjoy its ergonomic design and its Closed-Loop-Controller for more even powder coating results.

If your goal is high coating output, our automatic guns by Wagner are built efficiently, with a high performance atomization and charging system and a weight-optimized design. These guns will give you a uniform distribution of powder and are perfect for metallic and special effects powders.

In addition to batch powder spray booths and powder coating guns, we also offer powder coating accessories, such as respirators, air-powered vacuum cleaners, modular air piping, sandblasting equipment, and more.

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