Spray Booths

Automatic Spray Booth Applications

Automatic Spray Booth

Automatic spray booths are great for nearly any type of application. With an automatic spray booth from Ellert, you won’t have to worry about dust or dirt particles getting trapped in your paint. You’ll be able to take advantage of automatic pressure systems and airflow that carries dust, dirt, and paint overspray out of the spray booth through an exhaust system. Because the spray booth controls adjust automatically, your filters are less likely to clog and you’ll be less likely to ingest paint chemicals.

The Automotive Industry

Many people in the automotive industry use automatic spray booths for painting cars, trucks, vans, and other vehicles. Having a clean coat of paint free from airborne particles is incredibly important when it comes to painting vehicles, so many choose enclosed automatic spray booths. With enclosed spray booths, the outside air that flows through the doors is filtered before it enters the room, so there is little chance of contamination.

Automatic Paint Equipment

In addition to automatic spray booths, we also offer automatic paint equipment such as high efficiency air atomization guns and electrostatic guns. These guns can not only help you achieve a high-quality finish, but reduce your paint overspray and environmental pollution. To make the paint process even easier, we offer gun movers and reciprocators. This equipment is compatible with your spray guns to turn them into an automatic paint system. They can create a repetitive series of horizontal or vertical paint coats and can be adjusted to paint at virtually any height.

We also offer automatic high-pressure and low-pressure feed pumps that provide a low operating cost for any spray booth application. Paint mixing and dosing systems can help you create the perfect ratio of paint to solvent and pressure tanks are great for perfectly storing your paint.