Spray Booths

Spray Booth Applications


When it comes to industrial spray booth applications, Ellert Equipment offers a variety of open-front booths, enclosed booths, and accessories to help you complete your projects.

Large Equipment

If you're spraying large equipment like airplanes, train cars, cranes, or earth moving machinery, our large equipment spray booths come in a variety of sizes and are built with structurally-sound steel.

Metal Finishing

Metal finishing spray booth applications can be done in our open-front, enclosed, large equipment, or bench spray booths and with the help of our cutting-edge spray equipment.

Truck Trailer

For truck trailer spray booth applications, Ellert Equipment offers large spray booths that are built to last and come in a wide range of sizes styles to fit any size trailer.


When it comes to woodworking, spray booths can make the job faster and easier than painting or staining by hand. Plus, with our lighting features, you'll always have a well-lit area to work.


Automotive spray booth applications are the most popular type of application, so no matter what part of the car you're painting, we carry spray booths in a variety of air flow designs and sizes.