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Airplane Spray Booth

When it comes to large equipment spray booth projects, such as airplanes, you need the right size spray booth with the right features. At Ellert Equipment, we sell only the best Col-Met airplane spray booths in the industry. We know airplanes can range in size from single-engine planes to jetliners, so we offer large equipment spray booths in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate any project.

Built to Last

Because it is so large, an airplane spray booth must be built from sturdy and long-lasting materials. Our Col-Met spray booths are made from galvanized, rust-resistant steel and are reinforced every 10 feet with W6x9 vertical members. In between each member is a 14-gauge horizontal stiffening panel to provide even more reinforcement and prevent an "oil canning" effect. These airplane spray booths are also held together with larger-than-normal bolts and can accept standard manlifts.

These airplane spray booths also come in a variety of airflows, such as downdraft, side downdraft, crossdraft, and modified downdraft. Their superior ventilation and exhaust systems will make sure that both your paint overspray and your paint vapor intake is minimized while you work.


A Col-Met airplane spray booth comes with four-tube, 32-watt fluorescent lighting fixtures that you can mount anywhere on the ceiling. It also comes with adjustable slotted door hinges and a custom personnel door that you can install anywhere in the spray booth.

You can also customize your airplane spray booth experience with our many pieces of spray booth equipment. We offer mechanical, twin control, flex control, and high efficiency spray booth equipment along with feed pumps, pressure tanks, and paint mixing equipment to help you meet all of your project needs.

For more information about our airplane spray booths or our spray booth equipment, contact Ellert Equipment today.