Spray Booths

Spray Booth Accessories

  • Polyester spray booth pads and rolls including custom sizes
  • Aerospace 319 filters, two and three stage
  • 2, 3 and 6 pocket bag filters
  • Andreae filters including 36''x30' and 20'' x 20'' and 20''x 25'' sizes
  • Neshap filters
  • Air intake filters including panels, linked panels and roll media
  • Replacement cartridge filters for powder coating spray booth
  • Replacement cartridge filters for sanding spray booths and cyclones
  • Booth floor paper including fiberglass reinforced
  • Clear and White strippable spray booth coating
  • Clear film to protect light fixture glass
  • Grids and Frames
  • Safety interlocks and limit switches for spray booths
Spray Booth Accessories Spray Booth Accessories Spray Booth Accessories