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Solvent Recyclers and Stills

Solvent Recyclers and Stills

Uni-ram's Recyclers of liquid cleaners:

Economical Models:

  • URS500: Recycles 5 US gal in about 4 hours, 120 V
  • URS500EP2: Same as URS500 with liquid auto-transfer feature. It features fast cook times.
  • URS900 Series (with Enhanced Microprocessor):
  • URS900EP2: Meets demanding recycling conditions, recycles 6.6 US gal in about 4 hours, and auto-transfers liquid in and out of recycler. Power supply: 240 V.
  • URS900: Same as URS900EP2 a more minimum liquid auto-transfer feature.
  • URS2000 (with Enhanced Microprocessor): For large users - recycles 20 US gal in about 8 hours, auto-transfers liquid in and out of recycler. Power supply: 240 V, 3,400 W, 10 A.

Paint Gun Cleaner with Automatic Solvent Recycling:


  • Stainless steel, smaller footprint for tight mixing room applications
  • Recycler – 120V or 240V
  • Spray booth gun cleaning features are the same as in the model UG4000E

Modular COMBO5E60 (UG600E and URS500EP2):

  • Automatic wash and rinse
  • Manual wash and rinse under spigot or with flow-through brush
  • Recycles 6 U.S. gal in 4-8 hours
  • 240 V

Modular COMBO9E75 (URS900EP2 and UG7500E):

(For state-of-the-art manual cleaning.)

  • Cleans spray booth guns automatically or manually above conveniently located large sink.
  • Washes spray booth guns with recirculating solvent using flow-through brush.
  • Rinses spray booth guns using flexible spigot.
  • Activates solvent flow using “Hands-Free” pedal.
  • Recycles 6 U.S. gal in about 4-8 hours.
  • 240 V

Recycler Approval:

All recyclers are approved for use in non-hazardous and hazardous locations: Class 1 Division1; Class 1 Division 2. Popular models are CE- and ATEX0316-certified.