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Go Green

Go Green: Product Guide

Green Spray Booths

If you want to "go green" and reduce your coating costs and the environmental cost issue for your company, check out the array of green spray booth equipment. From HVLP guns to solvent recyclers, we offer products that can help make your projects easier and more environmentally-friendly.

Spray Equipment - Unlike regular solvent-based spray booth equipment, our green spray booth products from C.A. Technologies are water-based and built to help eliminate the many problems that occur with spraying waterborne coatings.

Low-Pressure Guns - Instead of conventional high-pressure spray guns, low-pressure (also known as HVLP) guns from C.A. Technologies minimize overspray and reduce your amount of material wasted. We offer a wide variety, from General Purpose to Fine Finish and everything in between.

Fine Finish Airless Guns - Air assisted airless guns from C.A. Technologies are just one line of green spray booth guns that spray quickly, continuously, and evenly to give you a high-quality finish and reduce your overspray.

Electrostatic Guns - Electrostatic guns from WAGNER are great for green spray booths because they provide high application efficiency and a flawless finish. We offer both manual and automatic models that can reduce your disposal costs.

Solvent Gun Washers - With Uni-Ram solvent gun washers, you can use less solvent and lower your solvent cost. Plus, the solvent can be re-used until it's dirty and can be recycled. We offer an array of washer sizes for any green spray booth.

Waterborne Gun Washers - We offer Uni-Ram waterborne gun washers that feature green water recovery systems. These systems feature a filtering process that treats the used water and allows it to be re-used, lowering your water consumption.

Recyclers - Our solvent recyclers from Uni-Ram are fast and efficient, working quickly to recycle your solvents and reduce your carbon footprint.