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Air Assisted Airless Guns

Air Assisted Airless Guns

C.A. Technologies' Air Assist Airless Line

The Cougar/Cougar Automatic:

Designed for fine finish spraying, the Cougar incorporates features that make for comfortable and professional operation. After reviewing the best and worst features of Kremlin, Binks, Graco, ect. CAT has come up with a winner. Try this gun on your current AAA system or try it with our C-14 pump and see what can be achieved in fine finish production spraying!


  • Fine finish soft spray
  • Best transfer efficiency
  • Smooth fluid flow path
  • Made in America
  • 2500 PSI working pressure
  • Handgun-integrated fluid filter
  • 100% stainless steel fluid passages

The Bobcat/Bobcat Automatic:

Designed for production wood and metal finishing, the Bobcat series features a lightweight design and stainless steel fluid passages. The Bobcat’s superior atomization is achieved with the precise geometry of the airless tip and HVLP air cap, giving you the finest finish possible.


  • Handgun-integrated fluid filter
  • Best transfer efficiency
  • Ergonomic design
  • Made in America
  • Fine finish soft spray
  • 1800 PSI working pressure
  • Stainless steel fluid passages
  • The Bobcat Automatic is block-mounted, which is great for flatline machinery.

Fine Finish Series Pump Outfits:

  • OC14-400 – 5 Gallon cover mount
  • OC14-450 – 55 Gallon cover mount
  • OC14-W5 – Wall mount
  • OC14-WS5 – Wall mount
  • OB14-400 – 5 Gallon cover mount
  • OB14-450 – 55 Gallon cover mount
  • OB14-W5 – Wall mount
  • OB14-WS5 – Wall mount
  • OC14-H – Hopper unit
  • OB14-H – Hopper unit
  • OC14-EC – Economy cart mount
  • OB14-EC – Economy cart mount
  • 53-402A – AAA 25’ hose set (available in 50’ and 100’ sets)

Portable Air Assists Airless Unit:

CAT Cougar and Bobcat spray outfit is now available as a self-contained portable unit with 3HP compressor, 4-gallon air tanks, and the 14:1 AAA pump all packed nicely onto a sleek compact car making it the most effective tool for any spray booth job any place.

  • 3HP Compressor (100 PSI max)
  • 4-Gallon air tank (twin 2 Gallon) gives plenty of atomizing air
  • Bobcat/Cougar AAA gun has stainless steel fluid passages
  • 14:1 ratio stainless steel pump
  • No-stall air motor design
  • Compact design
  • 100% U.S.-made

C14 & B14 Accessories:

  • 70-260/70-260SS – Color-change manifold
  • 91-215 – Tip-cleaning needles
  • 74-561-3/8” & 74-562-1/2” – Siphon hose filter assembly
  • 74-538 – 3/8” AAA 5-Gallon siphon hose assembly